Our FREE Employee Appreciation Events are not only a fun and convenient way to show your employees just how much you care, but they are also a fantastic way to educate them about living healthier lives.

We provide these services by sharing a short presentation about how to live a life of optimal health. It’s a great morale boost for your staff. We’ll leave them with excellent ideas about how to reduce stress and increase energy as they’re busy balancing work, family, and their health!

Lower Absenteeism

Keeping your employees educated on wellness issues has proven to lower absenteeism and to reduce the cost of healthcare for your business! As your employees make simple alterations in their lives that will improve their health and help them manage their weight, they'll have more energy. This means that they will take fewer sick days. Fewer sick days equals more productivity in the workplace!

When you give your employees a more relaxed work environment, they’ll be less likely to take sick days as well. When your employees’ stress levels go down, their work ethic goes up. If you’re concerned about your employees’ stress levels, you can choose to offer a free massage as a part of your Employee Appreciation Event.

Lower Compensation Costs

According to a study at Duke University Medical Center, there is a strong tie between obesity and workers’ compensation costs. Because of this correlation, it is now more important than ever to educate your employees about healthy eating and active lifestyles.

Better Output

When your employees know you care about them, they’ll be loyal to you for years to come. They’ll be proud of their work and they’ll give you all they’ve got. If you show an interest in their health, then they’ll take better care of themselves, too. After your Employee Appreciation Event, your staff will be better able to manage their stress, both in and outside of work. They will be left with the benefit of understanding their health and will have the motivation to improve it!

More Talent

If your employees are able to brag about what an amazing place they work at, your business will attract new hires that are talented, creative, and excited to be working for your company! A little investment in your staff now will have huge payoffs in the future! Use our Employee Health Screenings event to show your employees just how much you care, and they'll be singing your praises.

Lower Overhead Costs

When employees and companies don’t focus on health, money is lost – for employers and employees alike. Did you know that over 85% of full-time workers in America are suffering from obesity? If employees are working full time, not taking care of themselves, and are overworked or underappreciated, then it’s no wonder that these statistics are increasingly tragic.

When you host an Employee Appreciation Event, you’ll soon see the difference, not just in the mood of your office, but in the size of your wallet, as well! According to recent studies, for every dollar that you invest in a wellness program, you’ll earn back $3-$6! The events we are offering to you are absolutely FREE, so that makes it even more profitable for you!

Lower Insurance Rates

Recent studies have shown that when you incorporate a company wellness program, your insurance payments will go down and your employees’ health and happiness will go up!

You could use our Employee Health Screenings program to check your employees on a regular basis to see if there are any preventative measures they could be taking to ensure their continued good health. A lengthy hospital stay due to an unknown and unexpected illness could be averted if you take the time to allow your employees to be screened.

The CDC recently performed a study that proved that those who are more active have lower medical costs. If all employees throughout the nation were more active, it would cut down on medical costs by more than $70 billion. What could that do for your business?

Increased Productivity

Programs such as ours have the potential to not only help businesses save on insurance, but to increase productivity as well. When your employees are aware of the health services that are available to them (at no cost to you) and are given an incentive to change their habits, then you’ll soon see a difference in your insurance costs!

In addition to the free services we can provide in your office, we can also provide additional free seminars and other support, such as continued health assistance, individualized nutritional advice, meal planning tools, fitness plans, and more! All we need is an introduction, and we’ll do the rest! It’s a win-win situation for both your company and your employees!

Educate Your Employees!