Treat Your Staff

Whether you’re just starting a business or you’ve been in the game for a long time, you should realize that your employees are at the heart of your company. Some businesses try to squeeze out every last drop of work and energy from their staff. Others try to motivate them to work through monetary incentives. But have you ever stopped to think about your employees as individuals who need to take care of themselves as well as your business? Giving your staff perks in your office is an excellent way to show your appreciation for them. If you focus on your employees' health and wellbeing, they'll feel like you really care.

We’re here to help! Our goal is to give back to our community by sharing amazing health tips with businesses like yours. This is our grassroots effort to educate people about how to keep their stress levels down and become vibrant and healthy!

When you notice that your costs for health insurance have gone up, you might feel desperate to find a solution. You might turn to a high-deductible plan with a health savings account attached. You may look into a purchasing cooperative. You might even think about disbanding insurance coverage altogether. However, did you ever stop to consider that it might be within your power to reduce the costs by turning to your employees?

The key is to educate your staff so that they can take better care of themselves. You need to place resources at their fingertips so that they are able to understand which behaviors will be detrimental to their health, and which will improve their overall wellbeing.

You could solve your office’s poor health problems by offering stress management techniques, health classes, health club memberships, or financial incentives for good health. A superb place to start is by signing up for one of our fantastic, FREE in-office training sessions.

When you treat your employees to our program, they’ll take fewer sick days, be more creative, and much, much more! Take a look at our “Benefits” page to explore all of the exciting perks of implementing our program.

You also need to give your employees the time and means to take care of themselves. Overworked staff members are going to eat out at fast food restaurants, work through lunches rather than hitting the gym, and stress out over complex projects with short deadlines. When you are able to communicate to your employees—both by word and action—that their health is a priority to you, miracles will happen. If you treat your staff with care and consideration, you’ll be surprised at the incredible results you get with just a little effort!

So how do you bring these fantastic programs into your business? It's simple:
  • Schedule your FREE Employee Appreciation Event! When scheduling your event, you’ll have the opportunity to pick between three different presentations and three different event types.
  • We will send a professional to present valuable information to your employees.
  • That's it! We'll take care of everything.

What, exactly, happens at the event?

  • A representative from our clinic will go over a 30-35 minute presentation of your choice: healthy living, stress management, or nutrition.
  • At the end of the presentation, we will offer your employees the option to sign up for our Free Weight Loss Seminar or for a Free One-on-One Evaluation at our clinic. There is absolutely NO obligation for them to do so. It's just one way we're giving back to the community.
  • The lunch, massage, or screening will be provided immediately following the presentation.
Sign up now to have a professional come in and reward your employees! We're excited to help you and your office lower costs, become healthier, and live better lives!

Let us help you treat your staff!